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Based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, The Aroma Story is a locally owned, 100% Omani gourmet coffee company. We cultivate, roast, prepare, serve and offer organic coffee from our farms in Rwanda and Burundi. We are determined to redefine the next phase of coffee - where creative expression and scientific knowledge come together to ensure remarkable coffee is appreciated at its utmost potential.


Producing, Roasting & Brewing coffee to its highest potential


Providing a livelihood and a fulfilling working life for our employees


Using earth friendly choices in every possible way

We have continually strived for excellence since 2000 when we bought our first farm. Our many years of expertise in coffee production have enabled us to build up a great amount of expertise and we are constantly refining our methods. We provide local and international retailers and wholesalers with our best coffees, packaged with the utmost precision and attention.

The Aroma Story


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