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The Aroma Story


In keeping with the Specialty Coffee Association's guidance, we guarantee that our coffee achieves a minimum of 80 points out of 100 on the Coffee Review scale. To ensure the highest quality, we evaluate the coffee for key features such as taste, acidity, body, consistency and sweetness.


The values we adhere to encompass empathy, awareness of our ecological footprint, and dedication to genuine sustainability. These beliefs are taken into consideration when choosing our fertilizer and farm sites.

The Aroma Story
The Aroma Story


It is of great importance for us to ensure that the coffee we cultivate has positive consequences for the neighboring communities, as well as to provide support to our staff and their families.

TAS Oman
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We firmly believe that when our coffee drinkers and associates learn more about the production and the people behind it, and recognize the positive impact their purchase has had, the coffee will taste even better.

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